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We sell LMC Farm Implements, A&E Trailers, Ferris Lawn Mowers, eXmark Zero Turn Mowers, Feed, Seed for Gardens, Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings, Lawn Ornaments, Flowers, Shade and Fruit Trees plus many other items. Stocking Parts Dealer for Lowery Manufacturing,  LMC Farm Equipment,  and Ferris and eXmark  Zero Turn Mowers.

We repair and service our lawn mowers and will repair others as well.

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Lowery Fertilizer Spreaders

Lowery Fertilizer ATV with Plastic Hopper to be
used with 4 Wheelers, Lawn Mowers, etc.
This will hold up to 640 Lbs.

The plastic hopper available for the PL series, is studied for people who prefer this particular material, perfectly interchangeable with P models in stainless steel.
The development of a distributing system with lateral exits of the fertilizer from the hopper ensures a better spreading at greater distance, obtaining an homogenous quantity in each vane.
The opening system with split levers offers the possibility to scatter on the right or on the left side only, allowing the control of the distribution close to borders or near some coltures that do not require this treatment.
The gear box with big dimension and with gears – module 17 let bear and absorb possible sudden changes in power.

Some accessories are available:

The big agitator for powdered fertilizers

The lateral conveyer developed to concentrate all the out-fall from exit of the hopper into row-crop areas or plantations which require fertilization localized at the roots without causing material loss.
While the limiter is supplied only on demand and it is used for spreading salt and sand on ice-covered roads, also for spreading the fertilizer in any crop agglomerate of limited dimensions

The furrowing attachment 1 or 2 rows.

Fertilizer spreaders studies for a modern employment whether tractors or by means of all the ATV-quad. The great spreading precision lets their use in different applications: for gardening where the modern manure quality is combined together with quantities of herbicide and where their wrong spreading can cause damages of the grassland.
This kind of machine is particularly indicated to be used in golf courses thanks to the wide tires and to the low height of the hopper, the pull type can be used by everybody with easy access.
The distribution connected with tires ensures the spreading disc velocity to be directly proportional on the velocity of the machines. It is equipped by a system that allows to disconnect, at any time, the motion by means of one lever.
The opening system is standard .
Also in this case, painting is made using an epoxy varnish with backing at 150°c. As far as accessories, all the model con be supplied with an adjustable tongue in height, for maintaining the parallelism with the land on tractors with standard height.

Description may differ in some applications.

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Boaz Farm and Garden

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